Invasion of the Moon

Ninja Notes

The newly fixed, short and stouter airship took us on another trip to find the next War Stone. Fought a Zapdos on the way and Cyd got shot again, he’s a great monster magnet. Found some green fiery skeletons guarding the War Stone. My ninja skillz were so great, they had to use a magical darkness spell to try and protect themselves from me. While in total darkness, I juked a skeleton into attacking the cat after i had smacked him twice, what a maroon. We got the Stone, then found 2 secret rooms. One had some mystery vials, the other had an illusion of some guy at a desk. The floor had alarms, so I climbed the walls to not set them off. The monk jumped across the entire room onto the desk. He couldn’t do it a second time though. Let the monk take two books from the desk, one looked cursed. Always let the monk take things that look dangerous, he likes those things.


densetsuhoshi Megatron

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