Invasion of the Moon

Lunar Dragons

Gildarts Personal Log, year XXXX day XX month XX

While flying out to our destination in search of more information on these so called moon creatures, Winged creatures attack the Enterprise and begin destroying the ship. We manage to defend the ship by either chasing off or killing them. Upon killing them they dissolved into a pool of grease (lacking a better word to described it) where they were killed as Unagi and Bobcat Sagat navigated carefully through it. Personally I tried not to get any on me and stayed away from them. Anyway, we managed to minimize the damage those unnatural winged creatures cause to the ship, but Cid needed to make repairs if we wanted to continue on our journey. So as we were descending to make a landing, my dragons and I took to the skies to lighten the load on the battered ship, to hopefully make the landing a bit safer. The ship came down a bit hard as I saw Bobcat Sagat launched off the deck and faceplant on the ground below, but even after all that, it was a safe landing from where I was sitting. That night I volunteered to take the first shift of watch as the other two got some needed rest. An uneventful venture that was. I went to Sleep while the other two took there watch…. it wasn’t long before my rest was interrupted by the ship violently shaking. As I popped my head out of a port hole I saw a big short necked draconic looking white monster, that just took a bite out of the ship. While fighting this thing it shot a cone of light out of its mouth, looked like it burned bit. But after that we managed to kill it and transport it back to home base. We had them examine it and confirm that it was what we were looking for, a Lunar Dragon.


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