Invasion of the Moon

Just another day

Gildarts Personal Log, year XXXX day XX month XX

After repairs on the airship were complete, we continued in our search for more War Stones. Using the “War Stone Tracker” we saw the location of a near by Stone and that our next destination. During our travel to the next location of a War Stone, we came across a very big bird that wasn’t very friendly. It was like “RAWR!” as it chased us. We were like “WOAH!” as we tried to avoid it. It caught us and it was like “ZAAAAAP!” as it shoot lazers. And I like “Matrix Dodge” the lazers! Then we were like “YAAAAAAH!” and it was like “UGH, you got me!” as it plummeted to the ground below us. As we got closer the to location showed on the tracker it looked like the stone was located in a castle, and of course it was. As we entered the castle nothing out of the ordinary, as far as deserted castles go anyway. It looks at though the Stone was in the main keep of the castle, we headed there and ended up fighting 10 mansized burning green flamed skeleton and a large burning green flamed armored skeleton. Oh did I mention it was in the dark. All I know that happened is that my dragon and I found the big skeleton using our keen sense of smell, and the my dragon got a hold of him and we won. Unagi and Bobcat Sagat eventually managed to find the War Stone (Red Star), and we continued to search the rest of the castle for things. We managed to find a few chests of valuables and they found a couple of books and a key while messing around somewhere. After all that we left with everything we found.


densetsuhoshi KevinKT808

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