Invasion of the Moon

Don't go chasing Crystal oozes

Ninja Notes

Down goes Jedite! Down goes Jedite! Last time we turned that elemental summoning lich-loser into dirt, now we finished exploring his little stronghold. First, we found some strange crystal that turned out to be ooze-like creatures. Second, they split apart into more oozes when you pound them with blunt weapons. Third, they proceed to shred you to pieces. Cat-like reflexes saved the newly neat freakish monk, Gil and I weren’t so lucky, especially Gil. The next room had a weird winged-legged thing wallowing in filthy water. The monk tried to dodge the dirty water splashes as much as possible, but got slimed when we killed it and its’ huge bodied dropped into the murk. There was no treasure to be found, so I manned up and took a dive into the water, retrieving a few baubles. The cat was too good to take a swim, so i didn’t share any with him. Upstairs there were some white, rubber-skinned, tentacle-faced things that we cut up. Nothing kool in that room, besides some down facing coffins disguised as benches. We did find this strange deck of cards in Jedite’s basement though…


densetsuhoshi Megatron

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