Invasion of the Moon

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Write your own notes here. I’m keeping my own notes in a gm only area.

Lunar Dragons

Gildarts Personal Log, year XXXX day XX month XX

While flying out to our destination in search of more information on these so called moon creatures, Winged creatures attack the Enterprise and begin destroying the ship. We manage to defend the ship by either chasing off or killing them. Upon killing them they dissolved into a pool of grease (lacking a better word to described it) where they were killed as Unagi and Bobcat Sagat navigated carefully through it. Personally I tried not to get any on me and stayed away from them. Anyway, we managed to minimize the damage those unnatural winged creatures cause to the ship, but Cid needed to make repairs if we wanted to continue on our journey. So as we were descending to make a landing, my dragons and I took to the skies to lighten the load on the battered ship, to hopefully make the landing a bit safer. The ship came down a bit hard as I saw Bobcat Sagat launched off the deck and faceplant on the ground below, but even after all that, it was a safe landing from where I was sitting. That night I volunteered to take the first shift of watch as the other two got some needed rest. An uneventful venture that was. I went to Sleep while the other two took there watch…. it wasn’t long before my rest was interrupted by the ship violently shaking. As I popped my head out of a port hole I saw a big short necked draconic looking white monster, that just took a bite out of the ship. While fighting this thing it shot a cone of light out of its mouth, looked like it burned bit. But after that we managed to kill it and transport it back to home base. We had them examine it and confirm that it was what we were looking for, a Lunar Dragon.

Frozen Foods and "Just Dirt-serts"

On our journey into the snowy mountains, on the hunt for a Frost Wyrm, we encountered Frost Trolls, blue gnomes, and a Frost Wyrm who apparently tired of waiting for us to find it. I learned that Frost Trolls and Frost Wyrms make poor snacks.

On our flight to investigate a Moon Dragon I pondered about how much “territory” I could mark from the deck of the Enterprise. As a reward (or punishment) to my contemplations Lord Tempus provided us with a battle in mid flight. These eye-less, sharp-toothed winged creatures hit/bit fairly hard, were quite nimble and as a slight to ending their hideous lives … they end up sliming their assailants. The ensuing battle damaged the Enterprise enough to cause it to drop out of the sky. As we plummeted to the ground I’m almost certain that Mother Earth wanted me to keep my fluids to myself as I hit the dirt face first. She hits hard, reeeeal hard.

Once “safely” on the ground Captain Cid told us that he could repair the ship and that all we had to do was keep watch. The day was pretty uneventful, as well as Gildarts night shift. When it came time for me and the gnome to keep watch we notice a beefy-no-neck, works out too much as to compensate for “something small”, dragon making a beeline straight for the ship. After it takes a bite out out of the ship we engage it in battle. Having successful downed it with none of us(that matter) worse for wear, except maybe the gnome… but he barely counts… since he’s so small, we figure out that this must be the Moon Dragon. Hauling it back to headquarters, we claim our reward, victorious.

Frosties, Faceplant, and Moon Dragons
Ninja Notes October 22

Roamed snowy mountains, saw frost kobolds, decided not to kill them. Killed Frost Wyrm and Frost Trolls, both were poor,broke ass bastards that needed to get a job. Air ship got attacked by greasy, fire hating creatures that slimed me. Air ship crashed. Found out fat,furry cat people don’t always land on their feet,sometimes they land on their faces. Sniped a Moon Dragon but got Moon Beamed,not good times. Got another cat Nunchaku, making my Telling Blow even less useful, good stuff.

Just another day

Gildarts Personal Log, year XXXX day XX month XX

After repairs on the airship were complete, we continued in our search for more War Stones. Using the “War Stone Tracker” we saw the location of a near by Stone and that our next destination. During our travel to the next location of a War Stone, we came across a very big bird that wasn’t very friendly. It was like “RAWR!” as it chased us. We were like “WOAH!” as we tried to avoid it. It caught us and it was like “ZAAAAAP!” as it shoot lazers. And I like “Matrix Dodge” the lazers! Then we were like “YAAAAAAH!” and it was like “UGH, you got me!” as it plummeted to the ground below us. As we got closer the to location showed on the tracker it looked like the stone was located in a castle, and of course it was. As we entered the castle nothing out of the ordinary, as far as deserted castles go anyway. It looks at though the Stone was in the main keep of the castle, we headed there and ended up fighting 10 mansized burning green flamed skeleton and a large burning green flamed armored skeleton. Oh did I mention it was in the dark. All I know that happened is that my dragon and I found the big skeleton using our keen sense of smell, and the my dragon got a hold of him and we won. Unagi and Bobcat Sagat eventually managed to find the War Stone (Red Star), and we continued to search the rest of the castle for things. We managed to find a few chests of valuables and they found a couple of books and a key while messing around somewhere. After all that we left with everything we found.

Ninja Notes

The newly fixed, short and stouter airship took us on another trip to find the next War Stone. Fought a Zapdos on the way and Cyd got shot again, he’s a great monster magnet. Found some green fiery skeletons guarding the War Stone. My ninja skillz were so great, they had to use a magical darkness spell to try and protect themselves from me. While in total darkness, I juked a skeleton into attacking the cat after i had smacked him twice, what a maroon. We got the Stone, then found 2 secret rooms. One had some mystery vials, the other had an illusion of some guy at a desk. The floor had alarms, so I climbed the walls to not set them off. The monk jumped across the entire room onto the desk. He couldn’t do it a second time though. Let the monk take two books from the desk, one looked cursed. Always let the monk take things that look dangerous, he likes those things.

He did it

After a bit of traveling, we decided to check up on the churches in Daggerfall, and their progress on gathering the War Stones. They managed to collect two and gathered some intel and know the location of another (Church of Bane), we may pay a visit to them soon.

While in Daggerfall, Bobcat Sagat along with Unagi, did some research on the Sword of Omens and actually found a book that could lead us to the Tower of Omens. We had Cid fly us there, with no problems. While inside the tower Bobcat Sagat went into a room alone and after a while he came out with a book…. but as soon as he got back to us, the tower started to crumble around and on us. We managed to get out mostly unharmed, and we left heading back to base. Seems like Bobcat Sagat learned some things about the sword from that book.


Gildarts Personal Log, year XXXX day XX month XX

We decided to head to the church of bane to try and obtain the warstone they had in their possession. While there it seemed like they were under attack, as we heard sounds of a battle coming from deep within. As we made our way closer to the sounds of battle we eventually made our into the fray. It was bane-ites vs some strange undead… we have fought similar types of undead once before. And it seemed there was another there… a warrior in red, but we managed to chase her off. After we dispatched all of the undead we convinced some of the bane-ites to show us down to the inner sanctum so we could speak with the head of the church, Bigby. As we arrived there, Jedite and his undead minions had already beat us to obtaining the warstone. We battled them, and at the end Jedite ran as we easily killed his minions and summoned creatures. After talking a bit to Bigby, we managed to find out a little about the warstone he once possesed, and managed to get him to cooperate with the other churches in their efforts. We then headed back to the Church of Oghma to report what happened and what we have learned.

Ninja Notes 2

We went to kill an evil illusionist/conjurer wizard at his tower. The cat decided that keys were too much trouble, and kicked open the front door of the tower. We encountered glass statues that came to life, as well as stone ones. We then found the HOTTEST CHIC YOU’VE EVER SEEN! She had big bat-like wings, but I don’t judge, I travel the world with a 8’ tall talking cat that walks on 2 legs after all. She was being held prisoner by the evil wizard, who summoned a big demon with 4 arms(2 pincers, 2 arms) to guard the fair maiden. We slew the foul beast and rescued her, then continued on to slay the evil wizard. After a mountain of illusions, and the cat running around the room multiple times, we defeated the wizard and jacked all his shit. We escorted the fair maiden back to her house at the village the evil wizard was terrorizing. She had been a prisoner for a month, and when getting home, wanted to have a wild sex party with her rescuers. I am not joking, this was our lucky day. The hottest chic you’ve ever seen offers you sex, what do you do??? The cat won the right to have the first go with her, so I decided to look around her place and see if anything valuable happened to fall into my bags. Gil went off somewhere just as we got to her place, so he was not around for this party. He came back quickly, and interrupted whatever the cat was doing with her in the room. The cat was off to the side, Gil was talking to her suspiciously, but idk wtf he was saying, because the hottest chic you’ve ever seen was NEKKID on the bed. She wanted to get busy with me then, so I kissed her some but decided not to do more with a crowd around. We had to leave, so I gave her a honk honk with my hands and departed. She said she was a winged elf named Mara, gotta meet more of them.


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