Invasion of the Moon

Snakes are Bad

Ninja Notes

After the debacle at the Oghma temple, we needed to find out more about Mumm-Ra since a confrontation with him will be coming sooner rather than later. We managed to research a little about his history and find a few details about him. He was known to be a fierce melee fighter, and has a weakness to sunlight. Bob Saget also said there was a shield thingy that was used against him, but it was buried in the rubble of the Tower of Omens. The Tower that collapsed awhile ago when he took the Sword of Omens. We went back, dug down past the rubble and found an entrance, but there was a snake. Snakes are bad. Snakes that drain the strength and life out of you while constricting and shooting waves of exhaustion are snakes that should especially be avoided. This such snake was not avoided. After we dispatched said snake, we took a breather back home. We’ll go back and search some more, minus any snakes.


densetsuhoshi Megatron

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