Invasion of the Moon

Plasma,Skinning, and Sundering O My!

Ninja Notes

After recovering we headed back to the Basement of Omens. No snakes this time. We did find a gargantuan ball of plasma. It was magnetic,hot,constricting,and electric, boogey woogey woogey. We then found a gargantuan Black Pudding, not the yummy kind. There was a strange elven child that appeared to be trapped in a magical barrier. The cat broke the barrier and we decided to escort the kid back to the ship. We found some Shadows on our way out, and that’s when the “child” revealed itself to be the child from bloody hell! A large creature ripped out of the “child’s” skin. It had no skin of it’s own and was covered in bloody, freaky, grossness. I made sure to keep my distance from anything so grotesque, and we defeated it and the Shadows. We continued on and found more Shadows with a huge undead monstrosity called a Nightwalker. It was the most TERRIFYING THING IN THE WORLD!! I’M NOT JOKING! The cat couldn’t fight it without keeping his eyes closed the entire fight. It also sundered armor, mine took a beating and Bobcat’s shroud got ripped in half. We bravely prevailed against this horrifying monster and continued downstairs to the Claw. It was guarded by 3 golems. 2 huge fiery falchion wielding golems, and 1 large gun armed golem. Bobcat teleported across the room and grabbed the claw, and all 3 golems proceeded to bash him. Bobcat managed to survive their onslaught with our help and we defeated the golems. We returned to base with the strange Claw glove thingy, hopefully someone can figure out how it works.


densetsuhoshi Megatron

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