Invasion of the Moon

Ninja Notes 2


We went to kill an evil illusionist/conjurer wizard at his tower. The cat decided that keys were too much trouble, and kicked open the front door of the tower. We encountered glass statues that came to life, as well as stone ones. We then found the HOTTEST CHIC YOU’VE EVER SEEN! She had big bat-like wings, but I don’t judge, I travel the world with a 8’ tall talking cat that walks on 2 legs after all. She was being held prisoner by the evil wizard, who summoned a big demon with 4 arms(2 pincers, 2 arms) to guard the fair maiden. We slew the foul beast and rescued her, then continued on to slay the evil wizard. After a mountain of illusions, and the cat running around the room multiple times, we defeated the wizard and jacked all his shit. We escorted the fair maiden back to her house at the village the evil wizard was terrorizing. She had been a prisoner for a month, and when getting home, wanted to have a wild sex party with her rescuers. I am not joking, this was our lucky day. The hottest chic you’ve ever seen offers you sex, what do you do??? The cat won the right to have the first go with her, so I decided to look around her place and see if anything valuable happened to fall into my bags. Gil went off somewhere just as we got to her place, so he was not around for this party. He came back quickly, and interrupted whatever the cat was doing with her in the room. The cat was off to the side, Gil was talking to her suspiciously, but idk wtf he was saying, because the hottest chic you’ve ever seen was NEKKID on the bed. She wanted to get busy with me then, so I kissed her some but decided not to do more with a crowd around. We had to leave, so I gave her a honk honk with my hands and departed. She said she was a winged elf named Mara, gotta meet more of them.


densetsuhoshi Megatron

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