Invasion of the Moon

Ice, Ice, Baby

Ninja Notes

We had a choice to hunt down an Ice Linnorm or a White Dragon, we took the White Dragon. As we entered the icy cave, we noticed it was snowing inside. I wish we could have figured out how the dragon did that. We fought 2 Ice Elementals, destroying one while the other fled thru a wall of ice. While the cat slowly battered the wall, I simply walked up to it and announced, “Opensaysame!”, and the wall melted. I’m so awesome, sometimes I amaze even myself. We jumped a few traps and entered a large cavern with blizzard-like snowfall. We found the Ice Elemental that got away, and after destroying it, the White Dragon found us. He did a bunch of hit and run biting, while Gil lit his ass up throwing fireball after fireball. In the end the Brass dragon torched him to death, killing the White as Gil summoned the Gold dragon to end him. Now that’s how you kill a dragon, with another dragon, muahahahaha. Then we found a small ice wall hiding the dragon’s lootz!


densetsuhoshi Megatron

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