Invasion of the Moon

He did it

After a bit of traveling, we decided to check up on the churches in Daggerfall, and their progress on gathering the War Stones. They managed to collect two and gathered some intel and know the location of another (Church of Bane), we may pay a visit to them soon.

While in Daggerfall, Bobcat Sagat along with Unagi, did some research on the Sword of Omens and actually found a book that could lead us to the Tower of Omens. We had Cid fly us there, with no problems. While inside the tower Bobcat Sagat went into a room alone and after a while he came out with a book…. but as soon as he got back to us, the tower started to crumble around and on us. We managed to get out mostly unharmed, and we left heading back to base. Seems like Bobcat Sagat learned some things about the sword from that book.


densetsuhoshi KevinKT808

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