Invasion of the Moon

Grease is the word

Ninja Notes

After defeating a devil summoning wizard and his horned devil, we decided to go out and kill a pair of horned devils. The cat still owed me about 35k gold, and I needs to get paid. We arrived at his building, and noticed that the hallways were covered in grease. The cat and I decided to climb the walls as we explored the place, while the bronze dragon tried to walk on his claws. We first came across 2 rooms with floors filled with vegetation, and 3 legged, 4 armed planar beings. They had a staggering gaze, but we overcame them with ease. The third room was covered in thicker grease than the hallways, and a large, goo spitting snail with 4 mace-like appendages was waiting for us. Upon its’ death it exploded in a gooey burst. Gil conjured a small downpour to wash himself and the cat off. The next room would be the most interesting. We encountered 2 Rakshashas, with monk training. They were large cat-like creatures, which would be referred to as Double Dragon. They wanted to prove their kung fu was better than Bobcat’s. They were wrong. The Double Dragons were able to use the Heal spell however, so in that way their kung fu was better. We killed one and the other ran away like a scared kitty. Gil and the cat gave chase thru the narrow hallways, but were unable to catch it. Upstairs were the pair of horned devils, with a few barbed devils as well. They tried to cloak the area in magical darkness to hinder us. I used a True Seeing scroll, Bobcat can sense things blindly, and Gil can just hit things with his eyes closed. We defeated them, and I saw that a portion of the room was hidden behind an illusion. There was the wizard’s lab and treasure behind there, and back to collect our money we went.


densetsuhoshi Megatron

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