Invasion of the Moon


Gildarts Personal Log, year XXXX day XX month XX

We decided to head to the church of bane to try and obtain the warstone they had in their possession. While there it seemed like they were under attack, as we heard sounds of a battle coming from deep within. As we made our way closer to the sounds of battle we eventually made our into the fray. It was bane-ites vs some strange undead… we have fought similar types of undead once before. And it seemed there was another there… a warrior in red, but we managed to chase her off. After we dispatched all of the undead we convinced some of the bane-ites to show us down to the inner sanctum so we could speak with the head of the church, Bigby. As we arrived there, Jedite and his undead minions had already beat us to obtaining the warstone. We battled them, and at the end Jedite ran as we easily killed his minions and summoned creatures. After talking a bit to Bigby, we managed to find out a little about the warstone he once possesed, and managed to get him to cooperate with the other churches in their efforts. We then headed back to the Church of Oghma to report what happened and what we have learned.


densetsuhoshi KevinKT808

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