Invasion of the Moon

3 Stone Powaaaa!

Ninja Notes

Managed to convince the cat to reunite with his old buddies, the Warstones. He stuck 3 of them on him, time to wait and watch the side effects, err fireworks. A Draconian army came out of nowhere and marched towards Daggerfall. We decided to meet them in the field, and tried to bring the 2 Warstones that the Temple of Oghma had with us. The Temple rejected our offer, and would later be attacked by moon dragons, and turned on by the Baneites in the Temple. 2 less Warstones for us, 2 more for Mumm-ra. We fought a small squad of Draconians. 2 large ones that tried to drain the life of their killers, and another one that had very powerful spells, while a few others threw magic missiles. We defeated them without losing any of our fodder, err soldiers.


densetsuhoshi Megatron

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